sentri Network News

After consulting as widely as possible with colleagues and the IOD we have concluded that the time is not yet right to recommence the Network Breakfasts. We will review the situation again in September.
There are a number of reasons for this postponement. These include:
1. Many people and organisations are still working from home or only in London from time to time.
2. Considerable uncertainty regarding colleagues being in London for our breakfast timetable
3. Post pandemic we have all had things to resolve and catch up on.
4. Uncertainty with travel arrangements, regarding virtually all forms of transport remains high
5. The booking and catering arrangements at the IOD have been outsourced and we have lost our long-standing relationship
6. We did consider holding a ‘test the water’ breakfast but the IOD were unable to support our timetable.
We are disappointed that the situation remains unresolved and from our consultations we are aware that many of you will be to.
Tony, Cecilia and I remain committed to re-starting the Network Breakfasts and there are so many things to discuss regarding energy and developments in strategies, technologies and uncertainties and opportunities that await.