The Knowledge Service

sentri’s knowledge service addresses the requirements of the de-regulated global power and gas industries for individuals, teams, business units and corporations.

The energy industry has changed massively since the 1980’s and in many places the pace of change continues to accelerate. Where they de-regulate, they regulate, where they regulate they re-regulate. This is happening throughout the globe as different continents address different challenges. In Europe, global warming threats are driving change. In Asia, economic growth is firing a new generation of power plants and technologies. In Africa, the need is to provide energy for all in order to escape poverty. Meanwhile low cost oil and gas sees the Americas achieve independence from Middle East oil and gas. The major markets have little stability and extensive uncertainty. In these changing environments knowledge of why, what, where and how is itself a currency of value.

The sentri knowledge service is unique as it addresses the need for market and industry intelligence and commercial knowledge together.

The sentri knowledge service is divided into a number of primary paths:

The sentri Training Experience

The sentri Information Place