Training Guide

Our extensive experience within the industry and as trainers, coaches and mentors has led us to develop a toolkit specifically designed to assist business leaders and training managers to maximise the value of their investment in development and training.


Development and training is about investing in people. Just like any other investment, investment in training should be about:

  • Achieving your business objectives
  • Satisfying your success factors
  • Meeting your return on investment criteria
  • Integrating with your way of doing things

These are the objectives of our training and development


We have classified the requirements for training and development into 3 distinct areas

  • Managing the Business – Increasing success within, and for, the firm
  • Understanding the Energy Business – Extending capability, understanding and skill set
  • Improving Personal Performance – Expanding the boundaries with personal growth

The extent of development and support in each area will vary for each individual according to experience and expertise.


Different people have different ways of learning and most groups have significant diversity. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the training investment it is essential to be able to apply a variety of styles and techniques, tailored to the needs of your people.


Successful training is about more than sending people on courses. It needs to be focused on who, what, how and where. It needs targets, measurements and dynamic management.


We will work with you and your business leaders and teams to maximise the value of the training experience. In a fast changing environment, we believe that training must move as quickly as the business. We can offer comprehensive management of the Training Experience including the use of a bespoke automated Training Needs Analysis tool, specifically designed for the energy industry.