The Information Place

Underlying our core expertise is an on-going process of analysis and research into the commercial aspects of power and gas throughout the world. We collate and refine the intelligent commercial components from information about countries and regions, competitors and industries, markets and structures, regulators and political influences, business developments and transactions.  This information can be offered to clients.

Our extensive range of sources mean that sentri information products can be packaged to meet specific commercial requirements. It is our business to do the industry watching that energy professionals rarely have time for.

We analyse market structures, trends and developments. We follow:

  • The movements
  • The players
  • The transactions
  • The competition
  • Business strategies
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Response to change and market development
  • Winners and losers – we can see them coming

We have the opportunity to review the actions as well as the words, the detachment to analyse and the vision to understand. We knew who was on the slide in 1999 and again in 2008. We could see the global asset disposal pattern. Our views are already formed on those who will be the winners in the coming upturn.